Friday, August 30

your efforts matter

I am writing this for you today, in case you need to hear it. I know I do.

Your efforts matter.

They have not gone unnoticed.

All the small gestures, they add up. All the little things done with big love. You may not always think that they do. It may not feel like they do.

But oh, they do. I promise you.

Please allow others to reflect the goodness that is your own true self back to you. Believe in the good that they speak of you.

Allow the love in their eyes, the smile that lights up their face when they see you, to hold deep meaning. To touch that soft, bruised place in your heart.

Maybe they are able to see the truth of who you are better than you can right now.

Do not sink into that place of sadness. Do not doubt your own worth. Believe you are enough. If you believe, it begins to be true. Just like that.

Your efforts matter. They have not gone unnoticed. Trust this.


  1. i needed to read this. thank you, fanny. xo

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  3. I DID need to read this today. Thanks :)

  4. I so needed this today. Thank you.

  5. I so needed this today. Thank you.


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