Tuesday, August 6

"the kind of day"

It was the kind of day I dream of when I think of spending time here in the summer. Clear blue bowl of sky, sitting in the shade of the magnolia tree, eating baguette with butter and blueberries, writing, reading thin delicious French books. The kind of day when I am buzzing with caffeine in a good way, when my shutter finger twitches and clicks as my eye catches on everything. The kind of day when I spend ten minutes on the mat, when plank and dog and half-moon pose remind me how good it feels to stretch and open my body, how in yoga asana forms follows and serves function and how this may be a clue as to how to develop a new relationship to this new post-second-C-section body. The kind of day with a little bit of wine near the end and sunset and pie and two little boys playing and laughing with my family. The kind of day that is good.

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  1. That's my kind of day and a bagel with butter and blueberries sounds delicious.

  2. i miss the ability to pick up french books at the bookstore. now i have to plan and order and wait. i'm fairly certain there is a lesson in there somewhere.

    and is that a green moleskine i see?

  3. yes, yes it is. :)

    I've been meaning forever to ask you if you've ever read Christian Bobin? Anything I can pick up for you while I'm here?


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