Sunday, August 4

"there and back again"

There were epic skies and epic cries. Two and a half hours of road time there and the same amount back, trip bloating to almost twice that length the way only trips with children can. We ran out of water and stopped to buy squeaky cheese curds and change diapers in the open trunk of the car. It got cold, real cold for the season, and we all played out our versions of tired: wailing, running, stressing. The "there" was a supposed surprise gathering for my father's 60th birthday. I saw almost all of my family in the way I have for the last 13 years: all at once and not long enough, barely time to say hello and kiss cheeks and say what a pity it is that we don't get to see each other more often. I am left wondering how to love two far away places, and the people they hold, at the same time. What belonging means, to me, what it will mean for these boys of mine. Showers, a rainbow, sunset, blueberries and shows on the iPad. An epic journey in one day, there and back again.

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