Saturday, August 10

"which day will be"

There is more than one way to change a life. It's not always possible to change countries or move houses. Sometimes all you can do is change your couch. We drove to Ikea today, joining the Saturday throng to sit on couches and choose which one we'd prefer to watch the gleeful mess of our life from. Thousands of miles away but just days from our return, we talk about clearing space, making space. August has acquired a tang of fall at this latitude north, school's around the corner, we hear whispers of change. What will we turn the page on, what will we begin. In the evening I took a walk to shake out the cobwebs, down the bike path and to the park, up the big hill to watch the sun set behind the bridge. Warm scent of clover released by each of my footsteps. Tonight our oldest went to sleep without much of a fight on a mattress on the floor next to the play yard he's been sleeping in. You never know which day will be the start of something new.

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