Monday, August 12

"first movie"

We took Silas to his first movie in the theater today--Planes 3D, though he refused to wear the glasses, and didn't want us to wear them, either. We didn't know how he'd react, he can be pretty categorical when it comes to new experiences, he's either all in or won't go near it. Though he was still in a post-nap daze he took to it with ease, eating the snacks I sneaked in for us and taking off his Crocs just as he does when we get in the car. There was only one other family in the theater. He didn't much of his usual chatting. The movie was frankly awful, but I was delighted the whole time because he was so engrossed in the images of flying airplanes. I had that feeling, like this is why people take their kids to all manner of horrible overwhelming places like Disneyworld and such. Anything to see that look on your kid's face.

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