Sunday, August 11

"fresh supply fever"

Every year around this time, it grips me. The fever for fresh supplies, Moleskine hacks and planner templates. The true stationery addict continues to jones for new stuff as September nears even when she is long out of school. Recently a dear and awesome friend went to New York and scored a stash of my favorite Muji pens for me. Today I spent the better part of two nursing sessions scrolling through Pinterest for inspiration. I was unable to get away to score a new pocket Moleskine, though I was dying to. My current one suffered water damage and has been mostly unloved, but after dinner I pulled it out anyway and started to mess around with washi tape and drawing lines, trying to come up with the best container to hold the shape my future will take. My two boys return to Mother's Day Out in two weeks, and I will have two, TWO six-hour days a week to myself. Oh glory. From my current vantage point it is an enormous expanse of uninterrupted time to myself, but my hopes and goals for that time are so lofty that I will need A LOT of planning and supplies to corral and whittle them to size. I feel like a schoolgirl, putting protective paper around textbooks with tight spines and the sweet stink of ink, flipping through the chapters of all I have yet to learn, excited and a little bit scared of what lies ahead.


  1. do you know what i could do with 12 hours? oh my. i'd definitely have to harness my dreams and goals.

  2. do not squander those days on house work! how nice that your friend remembered you and what you like to write and draw with. I hope you do buy that moleskine of your dreams to go with your two 6 hour days :)


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