Monday, May 20

Welcome to the world, baby boy!

Noah Cash Priest. (We call him Cash.) 
Born Tuesday May 14th at 1:16am, 7lbs 7oz, 19.5in long.

Our little birdie. Our sweet chicken.

It was a far cry from the birth outcome I had so wished for. But over the many months of my pregnancy, I had done a lot of internal processing, and had come to the conclusion that what I wanted above all was a birth experience that left me feeling empowered, and connected to my baby, my body, and my breath. And that, I did get. After Cash's birth I feel strong, beautiful, wise. I feel like a badass, actually.

Our little boy is all sweetness and light, a champion eater, a chilled out little dude. We are settling surprisingly well into life as a family of four. (With lots of support and help.) We are so happy and so blessed.

More soon, I hope.