Tuesday, May 27


It's been quiet around here. Funny, that, since quiet is what I crave.

The last couple of months have taken me for an emotional wild ride. There have been just so many raw days. Old layers peeled back and falling away. New things rising for the surface, asking for an unflinching, clear gaze. The ground is shifting underfoot. So much isn't what it used to be; so much still becoming.

The truth is that posting here has been scant at best. But still I was pushing myself, post, post, post. There has been a whole lot of striving, of reaching, and precious little to show for it. So I have not so much come to a decision, as realized that a choice has already been made: I will be quiet here for some time still.

I need time. I need space for what is unfolding. 

I wrote in my journal this morning I don't want to push myself to do anything. I don't want to push myself to do anything. I don't want to push myself to do anything.

I no longer want to hustle for my worthiness. I crave space and quiet and ease. 

I love dearly this space I've built, and grown and expanded into. I will be back, I know. But I don't know the when or the how.

Thank you for your continued support. Your eyes on these words mean the world to me. I will go off and gather some more for you.

Meanwhile, if you wish:

Love to you. More soon. xo