Sunday, September 16


"Rain makes its own night, long mornings with the lamps left on."
-Anne Michaels

savoring a long, slow sunday morning
my turn to sleep in, waking to find my boys
wandering outside, silas dragging the pillowcase he just this week
appropriated as his blankie

tea for a change, and watching silas sloppily but successfully eat granola
then knitting on the couch, and the rain started
how we cherish the sound of rain, the smell of damp earth
how it draws us in, invites us to linger
over tea and poetry, and old journals

feeling a stirring of hunger, eggs maybe
wanting something I can pour maple syrup on
it will soon be time to change out of PJs--so odd
for me to still be in them, so late--
but not just yet, not just yet

Playing along with Amanda. Won't you share, too?


  1. oh yes, long mornings in pjs and the sound of rain for soothing to the soul. enjoy!

  2. we had a similar delicious start to our day. what a sacred day it has been.

  3. Being from the North of England I love rain too in all its forms.

  4. How sweet that a pillowcase is a blankie! That makes replacing it so much easier than sewing holes!!

  5. What a peace filled weekend. Thank you for letting us share it with you!

  6. I love reading old journals. They remind me of how much and how little I've changed. Sounds like such a lovely weekend.


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