Friday, September 21

this week

This week has really taken it out of me.

There have been four doctor/vet visits in all, all of them involving someone I love (including me) being poked by sharp needles. I popped my hamstring in yoga class and limped for a few days. I got pulled over for a WAY overdue inspection sticker.

So, every night I have been in bed before 10pm, reading.

There has been an iced mocha, an iced americano, an iced pumpkin spice latte.

We have been eating "kale and--": kale and Annie's mac and cheese, kale in tacos, kale in quesadillas, then going around again.

Inspired by Hannah's Making Space Cleanse, I have found moments to sit, and soak in quiet. To wittle down my "need-tos" and "to-dos". I have been letting the floors get fuzzy and feeding too many pretzels to my son.

I am doing what I can, and not much more.

It's been hard. And it's been okay.

There has been rain, and rain lilies, and now a cooler, greener world.

Making a practice of pausing, breathing, noticing. Speaking softly, both to myself and to others. Or trying to. Allowing myself to be just as I am, allowing the moment to be exactly as it is.

Looking forward to the weekend oh-so much.

Peace to you. Happy fall.

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  1. "Allowing myself to be just as I am, allowing the moment to be exactly as it is."

    life has a way of telling us we need to stop, pause, change....
    you heard, you took note. that's what matters.

    sending peace.


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