Sunday, September 30


rain, rain, rain to make us happy through most of Saturday
loving the time with my mamas, teaching prenatal yoga
then afternoon naps, family trip to The Jumpy Place
right in the middle of afternoon birthday party madness
but the little didn't care, he loved to run and run and bounce
and we loved watching him spend himself silly
bean and rice bowls for the Texas game
early to bed for me, curling up with a great novel--
how I love being deep into a fat book, all the delicious hours ahead

Sunday dawned grey and green, late pancakes
a long baby nap means yoga for mama
before I head back to the kitchen to make muffins and 
pumpkin walnut granola, and surely we will be out
in this gorgeous, breezy fall day before it is over
and the babe is asleep and the hubs and I fold laundry
while watching Mad Men. I love our life.

How was yours? Linking up with Amanda.


  1. sounds like a lovely weekend! and i really, truly love that you love your life with the husband and s. so good!

  2. almost picked up that book this week -- hmmm, thanks for the reminder. Sounds like a perfect evening, the slow of chores to a great show with the hubby..

  3. loving your own life is the key to happiness! Great weekend and I think I have that book on my shelf!!


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