Tuesday, September 18

there is no cure for hot and cold

"The way to resolve our resistance is to meet it face-to-face.

When we feel resentment because the room is too hot,

we could meet its heat and feel its fieriness and its heaviness.

When we feel resentment because the room is too cold, 

we could meet the cold and feel its iciness and its bite.

When we want to complain about the rain, we could feel its wetness instead.

When we worry because the wind is shaking our windows,

we could meet the wind and hear its sound.

Cutting our expectations for a cure is a gift we can give ourselves.

There is no cure for hot and cold. They will go on forever.

After we have died, the ebb and flow will still continue.

Like the tides of the sea, like day and night--this is the nature of things.

Being able to appreciate, being able to look closely,

being able to open our minds--this is the core of maitri."

-Pema Chodron, When Things Fall Apart

(emphasis mine)


  1. Love this. For a very long while, When Things Fall Apart was my version of the bible.

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  3. I LOVE this. Thanks for sharing. I've never read When Things Fall Apart, but maybe it's time for me to scribble this title down in my notebook to remember.

    This quote is so much more than about temperature...


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