Wednesday, August 7

"ten and eighty"

Ten minutes at Starbucks, the parking lot glistening with rain, about to go pick up my love, whom I haven't seen in ten days. I love how a little bit of time and distance suffice to revive the butterflies in my stomach from way back in the beginning of our story. How his voice on the phone comforted me like when it was the only thing I knew of him, that and his wit and kindness and deep intelligence, all that was conveyed through our e-lationship (his term.) Tomorrow we celebrate 8 years of marriage. Eight years, two countries, two boys, one house, finding each other and then, together, finding ourselves. Tomorrow we'll sleep in until 8am (!), go out for breakfast alone together, rekindling, enjoying quiet together over coffee, sinking into the ease of just being together and needing nothing more. And then we'll talk, as we do, about everything and nothing, about the ten days and eight years just past and the ten and eighty years ahead. I can hardly wait.


  1. this is perfection.

    happy reunion. happy anniversary.

  2. have fun, happy anniversary to you both!


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