Saturday, August 3

"back to the beginning"

Small mercies: Over The Rhine CD in the stereo of my parents' car, the one they released the year we bought our house, driving around my hometown, memories laying track on top of memories. An iced coffee from the Starbucks' drive-thru, the baby finally quiet and asleep in the back, deciding to go cruise by my old high school. Had felt trapped in the house, trapped in my head, and feeling expansive now as I'm sure I felt as a sixteen year-old, hitting the road. Drive under the green teaching arms of the tall trees lining the school's long driveway, thinking how weird to have gone to Catholic school when we're such secular people, the shrines dotted on the grounds so strange and so familiar all at once. The campus has grown so much, as I have, but there is still that same door where we used to smoke between classes, even in winter, how weird that we were allowed to do that. Stopping in a park by the St-Lawrence river to type out this blog post, baby stirring in the back, another Over The Rhine album and the caffeine kicking in. Even a trip down memory lane leads back again to the beginning. Time to drive back home.


  1. I've been enjoying your daily posts and I agree everything does lead back to the beginning eventually. Glad you are enjoying your visit.


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