Wednesday, July 24

"where you look for peace"

"I can't believe how peaceful your life looks" she says of my Instagram shot. I'm almost envious of the way my life looks in her eyes. It's all about careful framing I said, how the messes lie just outside the edges of the image. How in a picture there is no sound, and it looks like it might be quiet, but if you strain and listen you can hear the cartoons on TV, the toddler asking for more apple, the baby waking up. But I understand. Am I not relieved myself to hear of another mama, who looks so fresh and happy in that one picture, holding her infant daughter, how she struggles too? Just one glimpse into her life, that moment, led me to built a whole narrative, weave a story of her days in which she is a much better mama than I am and all around a more excellent human. Why do we do that? And why do I explain away the peace she perceived? Was that not why I took the picture in the first place? Because it was, for that one moment, peaceful? Because I wanted to honor that pause, that exhale in my day? Did I not share it to say, Yes, there is peace here still? Even if it means we've changed our definition of peace? Peace is where you see it, and you'll only see if where you look for it.

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