Tuesday, July 30

"eyes made new"

I love waking up in a different space, even if it is the least exotic of places: my childhood home. Here I have a most unique perspective, that of seeing the most familiar with eyes made new by having been away. The first morning I am quietly enthralled by the fresh way in which the light lands on the breakfast table, across the parquet floor. My shutter finger rejoices. Everywhere I look there is a tableau begging to be celebrated and preserved. Is there a better combination than comforting and refreshing? Today, I believe that there isn't.


  1. i don't think we've ever really discussed mtl. which area did you grow up in? hang out in? when did you leave? wondering if our paths ever crossed while i lived there. i like to think so :)

  2. I grew up on the South shore actually, in Brossard. I went to school in the Côte-des-Neiges neighborhood from '95 to '97, then went to Concordia University until 2000. I also worked at Nicholas Hoare books in the Ogilvy dept store and at the big Indigo Books on Ste Catherine and McGill College in those years. I left in 2000 for British Columbia. What about you?


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