Wednesday, July 31

"into the arms of what we know"

The boundaries blur at the edge of our days and the hours stretch outwards in all directions. At first I relax in all that ease. But soon I am like my newborn was, fresh from the womb and desperately missing the comfort of that warm restriction. My limbs flail like his, helpless, looking for something to define my space. I carry fatigue from hour to hour looking for a place to set it down. My boys boys forget how or when to fall asleep. In the brightness of the afternoon the time for play is endless, drinking lemonade and eating blueberries, and routines are the furthest thing from my mind. But come bedtime, vacation can't hold a candle to the comforting rituals of home. We all long to lay back into the arms of what we know, close out eyes, and finally sleep.

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