Friday, July 19

"all that exquisite road and the whole night ahead"

Free. Released from the daily grip of family, the small beloved clutches of two boys and their myriad of needs, taking to the road on a Friday night, even if just to the grocery store, elated and light, a mama alone singing dancing in her car. Bobbing along to Madonna's Holiday, I wonder what I would make of that song at a karaoke night, and suddenly, unexpectedly, I'm crying. I'm thinking back two months to being in labor on my back porch, how my doula and I did karaoke back there, George Michael and Prince, to get my energy and spirits up, how good that felt in the middle of the pain. How she later said she's never seen someone move so much while in active labor. And I'm crying because goddamned if I didn't give it everything I had, how I never worked harder at any single thing in my life and still they had to cut me open again. But just as it came the moment went, went on to the next verse and there was still all that exquisite road and the whole night ahead of me.

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