Sunday, May 20


this weekend was a very special one:
to celebrate my husband's birthday, we spent out first night
away from our baby, heading up to austin to explore

our hotel may have been cheap and shabby,
but we made the most wonderful culinary discoveries,
scoring big with new-to-us thai food,
ice cream (goat cheese, thyme & honey!) and breakfast joints
a drive around austin's leafy and ritzy neighborhoods,
a short hike up mt. bonnell at sunset (saw a tarantula!)

it was wonderful to be together and free, exploring
new tastes and places, not worried about our little man,
happily hanging out with grandma

but we hurried home sunday after breakfast,
eager to hold and kiss and tickle him
a big family midday nap recharged everyone's energy
and now it'll be a lazy sunday afternoon
of checking on the garden, unpacking,
and making simple food

when do we get to do this again?

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  1. What a wonderful weekend! Was the goat cheese on, or in, the ice cream? Either way, sounds scrumptious!

  2. Sounds wonderful. Austin is such a fun town.

  3. Hi there, I'm visiting from Blogging from the Heart, your blog is beautiful and you write so well! chrs, Liv

  4. happy birthday! Sounds like a great get away. I always had a hard time leaving my babies when they were little too :)


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