Sunday, May 6


crepes for breakfast
the joy of teaching yoga again after a small hiatus
family errands and knitting in the car
spicy lemon coconut sauce with udon noodles, broccoli and tofu for dinner
mad men and super moon

unexpected, loud and bright thunderstorm
happy to trade some sleep for much needed rain
quiet rainy sunday morning
baking granola bars for the week
silas splashing in his first rain puddle
solo mama outing for some hibiscus tea and a chair massage
cold avocado cucumber soup and foccaccia
lovely restorative yoga session on the mat
and now for more mad men, folding laundry
and getting into bed made with fresh sun-dried sheets

how was yours?
linking up with amanda at the habit of being


  1. your solo outing sounds lovely and restorative~
    and those fresh sheets that still smell like wind and sunshine and clouds...... mmmm mmmmm!

    visiting from habit of being, our weekend can be found here:

  2. oh yes, sheets fresh from the sun...those are always the best. and cold avocado cucumber soup? sounds delish!


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