Tuesday, May 15

this & that

you know how sometimes you have to dump our your bag onto the kitchen table, sort through the mess and toss out the cheerios that litter the bottom? this is that kind of post.

it's impossible to live in central texas right now and want to talk about anything else but the rain. rain, rain, the unexpected, miraculous, life-giving rain that has been soaking us deep for the past ten days or so, after so much drought. it makes you feel like all manner of improbable things are possible. like surviving a central texas summer.

i'm working on a short, no-frills yoga practice video for you guys. my my, those things are harder to make than i thought.

i'm currently enrolled in susannah's blogging from the heart e-course. (hi, fellow participants!) two days in and i'm super stoked. bought a new journal and everything. i tell ya, it's about to get a lot more fabulous up in here.

having watched through all of the united states of tara and mad men on netflix (i've been stretching out the latter as long as i could), i've been looking for my new favorite show. i think i found it. (thanks, amanda! oh, the kingly hotness.)

my mother's day was a bit of a bust. i got up before 6am with the little, made my own coffee and pancakes, did my own dishes. i fully take the blame on that one, since i didn't know until that very day what i really wanted, which was to spend the morning in bed with coffee and books. next year, next year. my husband bought and planted some mountain laurels for the occasion though, which was lovely. if you missed them, here are two wonderful posts on the subject of mother's day.

my regular coffeeshop mornings are coming to an end. only two more full days of mother's day out before summer vacation. i am curious/excited/worried to see how we will do without it!

what's at the bottom of your purse?

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  1. I love your journal! I'm a journal/notebook addict, so any excuse to get a new one is a good excuse to me =) Oh, and I agree with the "kingly hotness". I really need to catch back up on that show. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. you know i was tempted to put the tudors in the queue and never did. avoided it for years figuring the mr. would complain but lo and behold he put it in the queue and we're both loving it :)

    my bag is clean and organized right now only because the nacho dumped it yesterday looking for gum. not sure how to handle an organized bag!!!

  3. I'm actually jealous that you have a purse. :-) Mine are gathering dust right now and my purse is a diaper bag with a wallet and teeny makeup bag stuffed in it. It's pretty embarrassing when a tampon falls out of your diaper bag while you're at a restaurant...sigh...

    My Mother's Day started off exactly the same: told the husband a few days before that what I REALLY wanted was to sleep in and to not have to make any meals that day. I didn't want any gifts. Well, he forgot. I got up with the babe at 6 a.m. and made our breakfasts. Luckily it got a little better when we went to brunch at my favorite teahouse. But yes: next year, next year.

  4. Hoping that next year is better for you :). And looking forward to the Blogging from the Heart alongside you. It's salutory for me to remember that while we are cursing the rain here, you are celebrating and enjoying it!


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