Friday, May 18

peaks & valleys

:: valleys ::

-Aborted trip to the gym after little man refused to nap, and was then too tired and cranky for the girls in childcare to handle.

-Aborted trip to the river after Mother's Day out due to mama overwhelm and lack of water shoes, and an uncooperative toddler.

-Dealing with the intense discomfort of a raging UTI. Ugh.

:: peaks ::

-Getting this book in the mail, and spending a perfect moment digging into it, sitting under a tree by the river, eating a fried avocado pita sandwich.

-Teaching a kick-ass demo yoga class at the gym, feeling great about stepping into some new areas with my teaching.

-Heading off on our first overnight stay without baby to celebrate hubby's birthday! So excited to be two carefree lovers hitting the town!

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  1. such annoying valleys there. disheartening for a busy/tired mama.
    but what fab peaks this week! your moment with your book and sandwich sounds like bliss to me.

    enjoy your weekend!


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