Thursday, April 5

in my basket

Oh dear. I am trying desperately to get on a regular posting schedule. Hard to do with a fourteen-month-old running underfoot. Even harder when all of my activities and occupations live in very separate little boxes in my head. But that's a post for another day. Let's have a peek in the old basket, shall we?

It's been slow going (my fault, not the book's) but I've been enjoying The Beauty of Humanity Movement by Camilla Gibb for a few weeks now. I picked it up on the strength of its very pretty cover (partially hidden here by some equally pretty yarn) and on having loved her previous book. The story is set in Vietnam, and centers around a pho soup seller. The first several pages detailed the art of making soup, which made me hungry! 

I finished Larch (also seen here; I'm terrible about updating Ravelry) this week, and quickly grabbed this Sundara Yarn (in Toasted Orange over Pistachio) because it was all wound up, and I needed to cast something on for our drive to the zoo this past weekend. This is destined to be Paraphernalia socks, though you can't tell, and frankly, the yarn's fate is not certain. I'm just enjoying some twisted rib right now.

Zoos are not ideal settings for iPhoneography. All the same, I thought you might like to look at some flamingos.

What's in your basket? (Playing along with Amanda.)

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  1. larch is pretty! might have to make one of those...i seem to suddenly be on a shawl kick now that it's 80F. go figure. and yes, i am hopeful that as autumn rolls around this year, she'll put on quite a show and i'll have need of these shawls.

    happy weekend fanny!


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