Sunday, April 22


this has been a good one
friday: stay-in date night with the mr.
take-out thai food, the descendants and honey butter popcorn

saturday mama got her core strength vinyasa yoga on
with miss sadie nardini--longest yoga workshop I've done
since before I was pregnant, most definitely in a different place
physically, mentally, emotionally
loved to see my old yoga peeps, but realizing
I'm not really part of that community anymore
which is both sad, and ok

sunday, oh glorious sunday!
splendid weather, time for two cups of coffee
sitting practice and sun salutations on the back porch
before migas for brunch with silas' grandpa and jj
groceries for the week, and a cupcake run for mama
while baby fell asleep in the car, me knitting all the while

after mama had a nap, and baby didn't
there was lots of cooking for the week:
egg salad, black bean salad, granola
feel ready to take it on with a stocked fridge
long yin practice at dusk
ready to fall into bed spent and grateful

how was yours?
linking up with amanda


  1. sounds lovely. i haven't been to a yoga retreat in years. i haven't been to a proper yoga class since i had kids but i do still enjoy my time on the's usually just the little something i need to put me back on track.

    i enjoyed the descendants...did you?

  2. Quotes from Mary Oliver, Annie Dillard, and Karen Maezen Miller? Gorgeous iPhone photos? A mindful mama? How am I only just finding you now? :)

    I came over from weekending and must say I am very pleased to meet you!



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