Sunday, April 8


this has been the sweetest, breeziest, loveliest weekend in recent memory.
so glad to find ourselves just a family of 3 after an extended parents' visit.
enjoying both my boys so much.

friday we began the revelry early, meeting some good friends for a late lunch up in Austin.
quiet drinks on the back porch, writing until the dark of dusk permit writing no more.
mosquitos be damned. mad men and popcorn.

saturday--unusually free from teaching yoga classes--met with friends and kiddos at the farmer's market
for an impromptu easter egg hunt. iced toddies and luscious chard. after baby's nap, family errands around town, picking up more veggies and herb plants, and the stuff needed to tend to those plants. playing in the water before dinner. after dinner, more of the same: drinks, writing until dark, Netflix, knitting and popcorn.

sunday morning sleep-in. then, hunger and industry collaborated to deliver the best pancakes I ever made (thanks Heidi), and crappy bacon, but even crappy bacon isn't all that bad, you know? sweet flow-y practice, baby nap time allowing me the time to write this down. then, later, repotting plants, playing in the dirt and water, getting dirty and happy. drinking in the rare short days of spring in Central Texas.

how was your weekend? (playing along with amanda.)


  1. Heidi's pancakes are the best aren't they?!
    We have very short spring day's here in SC too and sadly I think they are already gone and we've moved right into summer!
    Happy Easter.

  2. What a peaceful, beautiful weekend! I love your pictures!

  3. Sounds like a fabulous weekend!

  4. sounds like a great weekend! and yes spring is definitely short-lived down here but like you, we had a breezy weekend -- perfect weather if you ask me.


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