Sunday, February 26


this weekend began with happy hour at wahoo's fish tacos with our family buddies--I drank a whole beer! then filled out a health insurance application, and was in bed by 9:30. we know how to party on a friday night.

taught two yoga classes on saturday. boys napped in the afternoon, leaving me some quiet time to scribble and sip. a walk with the boy in the late afternoon, bright and breezy, with everyone in the neighborhood mowing their lawn. we are on mountain laurel watch, walking everyday to a particular stand up the road, waiting for the buds to bloom into their electric purple grape scent. burgers and tots for dinner, then knitting while watching super 8, which was a lot of fun. loved the kids in that movie.

cranky start to sunday. attempting to make up for it with berries and pineapple, tea & writing. a little yoga on the back porch, some fresh juicing action to make up for last night's excesses. preparing for the week by baking muffins, putting fresh sheets on the bed. looking forward to more knitting tonight and watching fab dresses on the red carpet.

how was your weekend?

(playing along with amanda)

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  1. is there anything better than fresh sheets on the bed? love that feeling. in fact when the sheets get changed i make it a point to go to bed a bit earlier than the mr. so i can selfishly enjoy all that freshness.


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