Sunday, February 19


such a stellar saturday
some solo morning time while both boys napped
day drenched in life-giving rain
a full day of teaching
meeting mamas for a new prenatal class: six new bellies, six new stories of a child's coming into the world of which I get to be a small part
chipotle for lunch, enough time to eat & clean up the house in peace before the boys returned from their adventures
drove out to get thai food for dinner, listening to my podcasts, stopped in my tracks on the way back by a stunning, miraculous double rainbow, ends visible in the vast pasture ( i kinda understand youtube's double rainbow guy, actually)
tea with mom while the boy slumbered, talking about karma and non-attachment and eating chocolate and knitting

sunday began with a long family bed snooze--until 10am!
finally some sunshine, playing outside in the swing and stroller, death cab playing from the iPhone in my back pocket
the hubby made a sand-and-water playtable for the boy
leftovers for lunch
preparing to go out for our belated Valentine's date: Over The Rhine playing at Cactus Cafe, Indian food for dinner
lovers out on the town. what will I wear?
worried about being out so late, we who are usually in bed by 10pm
but I'm excited all the same

how was your weekend?

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  1. A beautiful weekend ... I really enjoyed reading each word. Such a sucker for a cat photo too. And a double rainbow, so auspicious for you! Hope your week is magical. Katie x


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