Monday, March 4


this weekend was a deep breath and a long exhale
back to (mostly) our little family of three after having lots and lots of company over
getting to sleep in on Saturday was heavenly
there was lots of happy puttering around the house, being domestic
and fluffing up our love nest
but also a good deal of writing
a late-night picnic of fries and cupcake on the bed for the grown-ups
and starting a new novel

Sunday, up bright and early with the bear
making eggs for my boys before sending them outside
while I lingered over coffee
soon I felt stir-crazy, sought refuge in the Target Starbucks
then to the store for fresh produce for the week
back home to a little one just waking from nap
gathering snacks and supplies
and heading over to the next town to a big park
where Silas got to ride on his very first little train!
(i think we enjoyed it more than he did)
despite being tired, cleaning the kitchen and the fridge
once home, leftovers for dinner
more reading and lights out at nine
it was a sweet one

how about you?

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