Friday, March 29


Silas and I met up with friends at the playground this morning, sharing tacos and easy talk. A happy start to our Friday. Looking forward to a quiet Easter weekend, brunch with friends, and pre-mourning the disappearance of Cadbury Creme Eggs from store shelves. I hope you have a lovely weekend!

read :: flight behavior // poetry: this & this & this
taste :: red lentil soup with lemon (the mr. raved and raved) // avocado-cucumber tartine
see :: first patches of bluebonnets brighten up the sides of the roads
touch :: pain & itch from a bee bite--those little guys aren't kidding around
hear :: of monsters & men // first aid kit // margot & the nuclear so-and-so's
think :  about giving this happy drink a try // would this stroller do?
feel :: strong and open in simple standing poses. I can do this thing.

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