Friday, March 15


This week has been a real roller coaster. Broadsided by the double whammy of Daylight Savings Time and Spring Break, Silas' sleep was one aberration after the other: sleeping in until 8:30 and napping for three and a half hours one day, and up partying at 4am and no nap the next. It wore this mama right out. But we managed to end the week on a sweet note: tacos at the park with friends, good naps, walks outside and smiles. Looking forward to lingering over coffee and hitting the farmer's market this weekend.

read :: beautiful ruins // frances & bernard
taste :: avo & egg tostada
see :: pretty in pink // homeland
touch :: cuddles in bed with the bear during our morning game of cache-cache
hear :: dried oak leaves hitting the tin porch roof in the high spring winds
think :  obsessing over this bag // am I eating too many of these?
feel :: supple and whole and home, getting back to the mat and walking again

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