Monday, November 26

the yoga of motherhood

I am honored to be a contributor to the Kind Kindred series over at Kind Over Matter today. Here is an excerpt from my post, which is about how the lessons of softening and yielding in yin yoga are an excellent preparation for motherhood:

As we learn through yoga to welcome all elements of our experience into the embrace of awareness, something almost magical happens: we stop fighting against what we don’t want. We soften right into the middle of it. We welcome our tight hips and our self-doubt as part of our reality in the moment, and we come back to the ever-faithful steadiness of the breath. When we stop fighting we find peace.

Please pop on over to read the whole post! Thanks for having me, Amanda, it was such a pleasure to write for your awesome site!

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  1. "We soften right into the middle of it." Love that! Popping over to read the rest...


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