Thursday, November 29

current book crush: a field guide to now

Christina Rosalie's gorgeous book, A Field Guide To Now, finally arrived at my doorstep yesterday. It's an object of deep beauty: both in terms of the lovely layout and illustrations, all of them original artwork by Rosalie, and in terms of the writing. I can tell that reading this book is going to be a deep, long, slow savor, like that first cup of coffee on a still and sunny morning, relishing every sip with the hope of making it last longer. Today I wanted to share two favorite passages with you: ones I've underlined, copied into my journal, and that are working themselves into the fabric of my life.

What might it mean to be at the heart of the ordinary moments that make up my life? What might it look like to document the nuances and traits of this time as it unfolds, with my heart blooming in quiet wonder again and again as I arrive right here?

What matters is simply this: your intent to claim the day with gusto and bravery and longing. What matters is waking up and asking, What can I be today?, and then devoting a small handful of moments to this task of wonderment. That is all.

Beautiful, yes? And profoundly meaningful. I am so grateful already for this book, this friend and this teacher, to have landed in my hands.

What book are you delighting over these days?


  1. Fanny, I bought this book after I read your post and started reading it last night. It is so incredibly wonderful and nourishing and beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with us. I'm going to savor it for a long time to come.

    1. I'm so glad you're enjoying it! I'm sinking deeper and deeper into it myself and loving every minute.


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