Sunday, July 22


:: welcoming ::

-two new, life-changing books

-fresh cleared spaces

-provisions to sustain us for the week

-beginning to build strength

-a new vision for how things can be

:: releasing ::

-literally, junk from the trunk (of my car, that is)

-liquefying vegetables from the bottom of the crisper

-the way cupcakes used to make me feel (they just don't serve me like they used to, I'm sad to admit)

-a full journal, two months' worth of pages

-old fears of being stuck where I am, how I am

here's to embracing what nourishes you, and releasing what no longer serves. playing along with amanda


  1. yay for fresh clear spaces...nothing is quite so refreshing and relaxing.

    Your mention of liquefying veggies made me laugh out loud-I've been there!

  2. Your new books sound really wonderful! Fresh cleared spaces have a way of clearing the mind :)
    Stopping by from "Habit of Being"

  3. clearing out clutter of any sort is so good, allowing a little more room to settle in.

  4. I have the red book, just picked it up over the weekend and cannot wait to start it :) Wow that's a lot of writing in a journal! I love how visions of thing to be sounds-I'll borrow that phrase.


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