Sunday, July 1


saturday was not at all what i planned
after the 4am wake up call with a teething, cranky boy
ravelry, coffee and bob the builder before the sun came up
starbucks parking lot nap with knitting and radiolab
instead of the farmer's market and playground
mama dazed at the birthday party
an afternoon nap for mama instead of a date with the mr.
then a family outing, knitting in the car,
pitas and ice creamat the playground
not bad after all, just different

sunday dawns soft and quiet
promise of rain yet to be fulfilled
a meal plan for the week
getting organized and motivated again
looking forward to a date raincheck this afternoon
maybe some book browsing, maybe some coffee
or reading by the river
for sure knitting in the car and tacos for dinner
and more mad men to cap the weekend off

ps happy Canada Day to my fellow country folk!

let's hear about yours! link up in the comments. playing along with amanda.


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