Monday, July 16

you look great

Something like this usually happens when I visit the yoga studio where I used to teach regularly: I run into one of my seldom-seen teacher friends, and they tell me, "You look great!"

And, usually, I take this to mean that I must look so awful that they tell me I look great just to cheer me up.

What is up with that?

But, wait.

What if they see something I don't?

What if they're right?

Does this happen to you? Do you sometimes fail to believe the good stuff people say about you? And please understand that I'm not writing this post so you'll tell me in the comments that I do look great. Though it's sweet of you to think so.


  1. I too do this all the time. A few years ago, I decided to make a conscious decision to accept compliments graciously, without throwing in a self-deprecating remark. I've found that over time and with repetition, I'm starting to truly believe the kind words that people offer. Life is much better that way.

  2. guilty. trying so very hard to be better about accepting compliments and not berating my physical appearance as my eldest girl is on the cusp of those tween years and is highly impressionable.

  3. Tu mérites vraiment ces compliments ma belle. Tu es superbe sur cette photo, nouvelle coupe ou beau brushing?


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