Sunday, June 24


this weekend was a bit of an odd duck
still reeling from re-entry after our trip to victoria
having difficulty finding my bearings, but...

there was a much-needed solo mama outing to starbucks
and things were put away and spaces cleared
and i finished reading a good book
and my little bear spoon-fed himself some granola and yogurt
there were tacos and good coffee and quarters scattered in the car when we needed them
the opportunity to be a student and teacher, reminding me of what I know
making my way to feeling strong and beautiful again
then the joy of coming home and finding my boys happy and dirty
and the prospect of haagen-dazs and an early night

how was yours? (playing along with amanda.)


  1. coming back from a trip takes me a couple of days to get back into a groove. Just sooo much mess! Love the photo :)

  2. love the solo time and then coming home to find your guys happy :)


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