Wednesday, June 20

Victoria, part two

Truly, there is no place like home. Home is where our daddy and our stuff is, and so home is where we sleep. While we were away almost-17-months-old Silas reverted to sleeping like a 6-month old: refusing to go to sleep any other way than being nursed into sweet oblivion, and waking up all hours of the night, screaming and demanding attention. It was awful. I was crazed with sleep deprivation, and all members of the household, except for the little one, got sick with a cold. But still there were plenty of wonderful moments: seeing old friends and old places with fresh eyes and an open heart, putting Silas in the stroller and walking everywhere, and peonies, oh the peonies. As that well-worn line goes, it was the best of times, it was the worst of times. So as I work on gently re-entering my life at home, finding our rhythms, stocking the fridge that my husband deep-cleaned while we were gone (he missed us that much), here is another helping of some of those best moments.

A scene from Crumsby's Cafe, where I found a long morning's respite while Silas played with the toys and kiddos. (Coffeeshop owners take note: this kid-friendly approach works, and we mamas will spend all our money in your establishment if you provide us the means to drink coffee and write in peace while our kids are happily playing with your toys.)

Christ Church Cathedral, the mid-point of our walks to and from downtown.

Bubby Rose's, waiting for a cinnamon bun and a mocha.

Fave new scarf and trusty Birks.

Teeny Silas among the trees.

A lily in our friends' diminutive fish pond.

My old trails: Panama Hill. Be still my heart.


Last coffee in the pottery mug in my bestie's kitchen.

Low tide at Clover Point. (Friend Michael holding Silas.)

Last pit-stop before the airport: Habit Coffee.

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