Thursday, April 11

a mother's prayer

May I yield to the process of becoming.

May I ask for the touch I crave without knowing it.

May I hold my fears lightly like a leaf or feather in an open hand, ready to let go.

May I come back over and over to myself, my baby, my breath.

May I choose trust and wonder.

May I believe that I am enough, that I already have everything I need.

May I rest in love and its power to expand.

May I birth in strength, grace, wisdom and beauty.

May I step out of the way and let life come through.

May I trust in my arms' capacity to hold more than I think they can.

May I remember what I know, which is everything.

May I accept help, and say thank you.

May I breathe in and open, breathe out and relax.

May I sit in the midst of it all and bless the chaos with my full attention and acceptance.

May I give myself the gift of starting over, starting again, starting afresh.

May I forgive immediately and forget forever.

May I cry and laugh in equal measure with sincerity and abandon.

May I greet each day anew and accept its fresh opportunities and promises.

May I welcome each night and its invitation to lay things down to rest.

May I feed and be fed.

May I count nothing but the blessings and the breaths.

May I drop the heavy weight of expectation.

May I allow each moment to be exactly as it is.

May I embody fierce and radiant calm.

May I be vibrant, present, engaged.

May I do it all, over and over, again and again, leaning into the sanctity of repetition.

May I honor each child, each day, each hour, each breath by showing up fully.

May I let go of all that isn't serving me.

May I receive the resources available in each moment for each moment with gratitude.

May I be true to myself always.

May I mother wholeheartedly and with every ounce and fibre of my being.

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PS: Prayer for a mother becoming.

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