Wednesday, October 10

finally fall

While I've enviously been reading about fall on blogs for weeks now, here in Texas, we had to wait until last weekend to finally get a taste. A cold front blew through, the temperatures dipped, and there was much rejoicing. I feel like the heat really dragged on this year, with temperatures in the 90s lingering into early October, and so this feels like a well-earned reward. So over the weekend, we greeted our Texas fall season by:

:: leaving the house wearing three different handknit items (they weren't all strictly necessary, but this Canadian girl gets excited when it's time to pull out the woolens.)

:: watching football (duh.)

:: putting the flannel sheets on the bed, and cozying up to a cup of tea and great book (still loving this oh so much.)

:: making soup. there are no yellow split peas to be bought in this town , so I couldn't make our all-time favorite soup, and had to settle for our second all-time favorite: tuscan white bean and kale. which we still ate with fresh naan bread. fusion, yo.

:: straightening out the tea cupboard, and making a cup each for the hubby and me in the evenings.

:: making silas sad and confused by dressing him in a puffy vest and pixie hat.

:: making pumpkin spice muffins (cannot keep up production of these. the toddler is a muffin monster. i swapped the zucchini for some canned pumpkin.)

:: spending time outside in our freshly mowed, newly greened-over yard (there is no grass in Texas in the summer. none.)

:: listening to the Ray LaMontagne/Josh Ritter station on Pandora--perfect fall soundtrack.

:: falling in love with the slanted light that graces our home every afternoon.

:: knitting socks and watching Mad Men (okay, this isn't season-specific, but it felt extra cozy and appropriate this weekend.)

Oh, and looking forward to so much more of the same!

PS: October link love is up! 


  1. but he looks precious!!!

    for what it's worth, i have a 4yo that is a muffin monster too. the amount of muffin cups i go through is insane. truly.

    also, no yellow split peas? do i need to find some here and send them?


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