Friday, October 26


My blogging soul sister Amanda over at The Habit of Being is launching a new magazine, Kindred, and along with it, a set of prompts to play along with. I've had fun this week exploring and sharing my mornings over on Instagram.

I've cleared some space in my studio, and it feels really lovely to go hang out in there in the mornings. I've set Silas' bead maze down near my cushion for him to play with while I'm in here. I've been lighting a lovely-smelling candle.

This morning we woke to a chilly gray world. I'm wearing handknits and I'm happy.

I'm in the middle of a 5-day vinyasa teacher training with the lovely Sadie Nardini. It's amazing and exhausting.

Wishing you tea and apple pie and cozy wool hugs.

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  1. oh i love that sort of exhaustion. cosy wool hugs to you too.


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