Tuesday, January 31

january daybook

Inspired by Amanda at The Habit of Being... a daybook post to close out the month of January.

:: :: ::

Outside my window... Sunlight catching on rain-beaded blades of grass; cheerful chirping of birds

I am thinking... About eating that leftover crepe for a late breakfast

I am thankful... For all of our friends and family who celebrated our son's birthday with us

In the kitchen... Black bread baked yesterday, lots of leftover bags of chips from the party

I am wearing... Gray yoga pants, green-striped shirt, brownish wrap sweater, gray & pink socks

I am creating... The life I've always wanted

I am going... To spend more time with my yoga practice in the evenings

I am wondering... Whether my new Prenatal Yoga class will be a success

I am reading... The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach

I am hoping... That the car will be okay

I am looking forward to... A dear friend and her brood coming to play and eat later today

I am learning... How to mother a busy toddler boy!

Around the house... Too many new toys; quiet wrapped around the boy's nap

I am pondering... Which new yoga mat to buy

A favorite quote for today... "the path to peace is right here, when you want to get away" from the lovely Pema

One of my favorite things... Making tea in my new infuser mug

A few plans for the rest of the week... Going to the library to get more books for bedtime; juicing the last grapefruits; sewing a new zippered pouch

A peek into my day...


  1. love this glimpse into your day. sooo...are you teaching the prenatal yoga class or taking it? because if you're taking it, i think congratulations are in order.

    1. Ha! I guess I should've made that a bit clearer... I am teaching the class. I am nowhere near ready to contemplate a second pregnancy--still feeling like I barely made it out of the first year with all my parts & wits intact. Although frequent glimpses of your little one on IG make me feel like I will want to add to our family someday...


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