Monday, February 11

a question of feeling: guest post at Kind Over Matter

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I have a guest post up today at Kind Over Matter. This piece means a lot to me: sharing insights by Vivienne McMaster and Danielle Laporte and the profound impact that they've had on my relationship with my own body. Isn't the image that Amanda chose to illustrate the post so very beautiful and moving? It brought tears to my eyes. I'm off to buy the print right now.

From the post:

I want to feel healthy, alive, energetic, whole, beautiful, sexy. I want to feel vibrant. And I feel that one of the lessons of this pregnancy is to let the inner clarity of that desired feeling inform and motivate my choices when it comes to nourishment, movement, rest, and self-care, instead of being influenced by the elusive goal of a sleeker outward appearance.

I'm keen to know your thoughts on this subject. Mamas, how did pregnancy and motherhood change the way you view your body, and how you choose to care for it?

I first wrote for Kind Over Matter back in the fall. Perhaps you missed it? Read that post here.

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