Sunday, August 7

weekend list

::inspired by Amanda at habit of being::


  • sweet slow morning drinking coffee, playing with hubby & baby
  • kicking ass on the treadmill, listening to Phoenix, Madonna and Florence + the Machine
  • making black bean, edamame and corn salad, and two fruit salads while baby took an epic nap
  • family pizza party!
  • yin yoga practice, listening to the new Bon Iver

  • three-part, pitch perfect anniversary date
  • part one, swimming at Blue Hole, my new favorite place on earth
  • part two, lunch at Leaning Pear, Southwestern cobb salad omg nomnomnom
  • part three, sneaking sour cream chocolate cake into the movie theater to watch Cowboys & Aliens which, surprisingly, was very good


  1. epic naps are the best! and i'm so glad y'all had an awesome anniversary date...i rather love the image of y'all sneaking cake into the theatre :)

  2. i need to kick ass on the treadmill...or at least stand on one.


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